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How to get a lot of likes and subscribers on Tik Tok

How to get a lot of likes and subscribers on Tik Tok

The ability to express yourself on Tik Tok without any special requirements for the meaning and content of the content has given freedom, which is appreciated by many children, adolescents and young people. But a cute raccoon video or an amazing sports trick in a 15 second video needs viewers and their likes. Even 100 tiktok followers are a powerful source of support. Therefore, tiktokers immediately look for ways to promote videos and attract subscribers.

Boost TikTok likes and subscribers

The promotion of activities or fans with the help of special services can be used at the initial stage of account development, so that a sharp increase in views or likes helps the first videos get into the recommended ones. But in the long run, this is of little use, since the followers you get are not interested and are unlikely to like or comment on your work.

Although fake subscribers are unlikely to be active in the future, they can increase the account's reputation in the eyes of ordinary users. TikTok viewers will be more willing to follow a blogger who already has a fan base.

How to make a quality video

TikTok users are looking for entertainment in this social network, but the video quality should be high. To achieve this, we recommend:

• think in advance, or better write down the script and rehearse the scene;
• prepare a suitable place for shooting, choose a background and check the lighting so that everything is clearly visible in the video, there should be no flares or too dark video;
• tidy up the room and pick up neat clothes (unless it's a mess, this is not part of the idea for the video);
• mount your camera or smartphone securely on a tripod;
• pick up new songs in the free music library that the audience has not yet tired of.

Take the time to reshoot an unsuccessful video, make several versions of the video and publish the best one.


This is the most democratic social network for those who like to fool around in front of the camera. There are no brands, ads and strict rules for the semantic content of the content. That is why TikTok is gaining popularity among young people so quickly — in less than a year, the social network has grown to 800 million users, and the application took the fourth place in frequency and time of use among all social networks and instant messengers on mobile devices. Creators of short funny videos can not only quickly attract an audience, but also monetize their popularity. This is described in an article about the TOP 5 schemes for making money in TikTok.

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