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Volkswagen объявил отзыв 800 тысяч Touareg и Porsche Cayenne

Volkswagen Statement

Volkswagen has notified NHTSA of an upcoming voluntary safety recall affecting approximately 46,700 Volkswagen Touareg vehicles from the 2011—2016 model years.

In rare cases, a securing clip at the brake pedal hinge may be missing. If the clip is missing, the pedal pivot pin could start to move and the pedal could lose guidance. If this remains undiscovered, the pedal hinge could fracture after continued operation, allowing the pedal to dislodge. A customer may not be able to properly actuate the brakes with a dislodged brake pedal. A non-functional brake or reduced braking power could result in a crash.

No incidents have occurred in the U.S. to date. However, single events have been reported overseas.


Inspection of pedal hinge clip

Atlanta, Georgia. Voluntary safety recall: Porsche is conducting an examination of 409,477 Cayenne models worldwide from model years 2011 to 2016 for a precautionary inspection, of which 88,300 are in the United States and 10,370 are in Canada. The reason for this is a clip may have become dislodged from the pedal bracket.

We are implementing a voluntary recall to inspect all Cayenne vehicles built during that period to ensure the clip is present and to re-install it if necessary. The problem was identified during internal inspections and remedied in production. This is a purely precautionary measure, as there have been no reports of accidents or injuries as a result of this concern.

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